Professional Looking DIY Wedding Calligraphy!

There are a lot of do-it-yourself projects for your wedding that will drain your time, money and energy with little impact on your overall wedding. On the other hand, there are certain details that are worth the effort. Imagine the impact of the first glance of these invitations:.


Obviously I am not encouraging you to hire out-this is a website to help you have an affordable wedding, and calligraphy generally costs double the cost of the invitation! But with the right pen, and printer, and a bit of creativity, you can have the same look.

The right pen…
As you browse calligraphy websites, you will see they encourage nibs and ink, but Isay they are messy and hard to work with. A few years ago I found a magical tool I think everyone should have at least three of(one in each size)…

ink for the pen

Pop the cartridge in, and it writes neatly and smoothly. I write everything with these pens! People actually comment how nice my real handwriting is! They vary from a think calligraphy tip, to a fine point pen tip. Once you write with one, you will never go back!  If you order one, make sure to get a lot of cartridges. They are cheap, and last a while.
Here is a youtube video on how to write with them:

You will also need A good font…

The two examples below have you type the calligraphy, print, and trace it. Make sure you have a good font to begin with. Here is a free Chopin Script Font
Calligraphy Idea Number One: The Light Table Approach
This idea comes

You will need to create templates for all of your addresses.

  • Start by making a box the same size as your actual invitation (mine was 5″x7″.) This is so you can cut them out and slide them easily into your envelope to trace them.
  • Type out the guest’s address (using your special font) where you will want it to appear on the envelope. Make sure you leave plenty of room at the top for your stamps.
  • Enter your guest’s addresses one by one, and print out all of your templates. Make sure you DOUBLE CHECK your addresses!


  • Cut out all of your address templates. (I used a paper cutter, so I could cut out more than one at a time.)


  • Insert your template into your envelope, and use your lightbox (or glass coffee table, or window) so you can see the font through the envelope.

Carefully trace the addresses using the Artpen.

Calligraphy Idea Number Two: Printing On The Envelope

Jennifer from had a great idea to lightly print on your envelope, and then trace over the printing with your pen. She used white ink in this example.

For information on how to formally and correctly address people, visit this site:

Wedding Updos

The perfect hairstyle is the finishing touch to the perfect dress. At times, hairstyles are so amazing they even outshine the dress. Be creative, and have fun… remember this is one of the few occasions you can have a fantastic updo. Below are an assortment of ideas for the perfect wedding hair.



Some tips for making the perfect updo:  Go to Here are the sample of the updos they will teach you how to make.


Some other tips (from…

Get a good set of hot rollers. Hot rollers are key to creating loose, natural-looking curls. Wash your hair, apply some curling cream to the roots, flip your head over and blow dry upside down. Flip hair again and brush it out lightly. When your hair is dry, section off large pieces and set them in hot rollers, starting at your forehead, working your way to the sides, and finishing with the back. Rub some curling cream between your palms, remove the rollers, then finger-style to reduce frizz. “You’ll be left with soft, piece-y curls that are easy to sweep up and pin in place,” says Romero.

• Use the train track bobby pin method. “When you’re ready to create the updo, put away your comb and brush. “They’re a trade secret. They don’t slip and come in colors to match your hair.” Starting at the front of your head, take a three-inch section and gently pull it back, securing with two bobby pins, criss-

• Plan ahead, and practice!

Good luck!  You will be beautiful!

A Dreamy November Wedding

I cant remember where, but I read that Novemeber is a perfect month for a reception… because there are no expectations on the weather!  No one is sad if it rains or snows, dissappointed at cold or wet… just extra happy if it is actually nice.  Everyone wants to cozy up and enjoy the harvest colors-anticipate the holidays.  People are in good moods.  I wonder if that is true?  For all you readers who are frantically planning a Novemeber wedding, lets just say it is!  Your wedding will be dreamy and perfect!   So how do you get that cozy, nastalagic, comfortable atmosphere?  Lets start colors…

Where are you going to get married?  I would choose the colors of your environment.  In the fall, the colors are so spectacular, anything else pails in comparison-almost clashes. What is around you?


Decor? had this fun video…



A few months ago I posted about the least expensive fall flowers.  Here are a few pictures of those in autumn colors…

These are the other flowers that are in seaon…


Bird of Paradise
Blue Cloud
Calla Lily – Mini
Assorted Lilies

Although simple fall leaves are one of the most beautiful arrangements.  Start now while the leaves are AMAZING.  You can hang them, put them in vases, even press them and put them all over the center of the tables.  it would not disappoint, and you could even carry it into your cake. It is a beautiful season, have a beautiful wedding!

Wedding Lanterns

The last post was inspiring with it’s dreamy pictures of well-lit weddings, so I have complied a few easy-to-follow tutorials to make some really great lanterns to light your reception. These are easy to make, and I tried to only attach the ideas that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. The references on these lantern projects are included at the bottom of this post.

This first lamp I have not been able to stop thinking about ever since I saw the idea. I always run across great old bottles in antique stores, and there is this grocery store by my house that sells recycled glass bottles. I can’t wait to try one of these!


I think the post could just end there, because I really don’t know if I have ever seen a cooler idea.  Imagine a few different heights of bottles all next to each other in the center of the table and all around the food table?  I think this alone would make your reception unforgettable!

Tree  lanterns are fun for  an outdoor reception.  These are inexpensive lanterns that you embelish by painting and removing the lantern’s glass to put pictures of you or your wedding theme.  I have an aunt who would not agree, but I think it is sweet to have a lot of couple pictures for the guests to enjoy.  The website for the lantern tutorial is on the bottom of the post.

My last idea to share is the good ‘ol mason jar lantern.  I put it last because it really only will go with a few wedding receptions… like a barn wedding.  But at the right event, these would be magical.  A comment on this website about this tutorial was…”I made these for a wedding this weekend, we put a little moss in the bottom with a tealight and hung them on rusty shepard hooks down the aisle way. It was the perfect touch to the vintage feel of the wedding!”  These could be really fun.

Here is some inexpensive clear lamp oil and wicks… oil

Have fun!  Hopefully these ideas will inspire lighting at your wedding worthy of a post!

Bridesmaid Goodies


Every once in a while you see or hear of a new idea to do at a wedding that is so clever, you wonder how weddings went on without it.  This DIY project from is both personal and fun.  Here is a unique idea on how to “pop the question” to your bridesmaid hopefuls… check out this fun idea of a way you can make her feel extra special when you let her know you would like her to be a special part of your much anticipated day!


To complete and give each guide here are some suggestions on what to include:

(1) – Printed photos and when applicable fabric swatches, for bridesmaid dresses, shoes and accessories. Even if you plan to let your bridesmaids chose their own dresses, think of this as a good resource to guide them in their search. Providing fabric swatches in the colors and textures you prefer will help ensure that all members of your bridal party are on the same aesthetic wavelength.
(2) – Business cards, and a glassine envelope (5) to tuck them into. If you’re all getting hair done together, why not include the salon’s business card for reference? Cards from the dress shop, tailor or relevant vendors might also be handy.
(3) and (4) – These bridesmaid’s guides can be mailed using appropriate postage and the address labels included in the downloadable template. You can print the labels on adhesive paper, or just use plain paper and affix with a glue stick.
(6) and (7) – If you’ll be hand delivering these guides you can finish them off with a ribbon tie and an oval label (also from the template).


Pastel postage stamps…. can be ordered (or designed) on  This site is great if you have a few extra dollars to spend on your wedding invitation stamps!

this website also has some really great labels…

What a personal way to ask a bridesmaid, and in doing, you create a beautiful keepsake that will give her all the information she will need for the upcoming months!  Don’t forget to make one for yourself!

Affordable Wedding Tablecloth Options

Who knew? I was just browsing outrageous wedding tablecloth prices trying to find a good prices to blog about and I discovered something… and feel almost sneaky, like I have a secret… PAPER TABLECLOTHS! Classy linen-like look and feel!! Can be ironed!!! You can get all your tablecloths for the price of one style-less polyester wedding tablecloth. Do you feel guilty even thinking about it? Open your mind to a wallet closing experience… Disposable Wedding Tablecloths!!



DIY Wedding Bouquets

The first thing I have to say about DIY bouquets is to just get a florist. You have too many things to worry about the day before your wedding, and don’t want to be looking for a replacement red Zinnia all day long. I am a firm believer there are things a bride should just spend the money on-like florists and photographers. You get what you pay for, and always regret if you don’t.

But having said that, if you must… here are some ideas.


When you have girls as pretty as these ladies from an article in, a simple flower will do. The long stemmed Calla Lilies are elegant, and you can not go wrong with the simple beauty of a white Star-Gazer Lilly.  They happen to be two of my three favorite flowers.  The bride’s mother made the bouquets and all flower arrangements.  She ordered the flowers online, and saved over a thousand dollars on the florist’s estimate!  Beautiful flowers are lovely on their own, and a simple wrapping is all they need.
1. Prep your wedding flowers. Remove any thorns or unwanted leaves. Cut your stems at an angle roughly 2 inches from the bottom. Keep in mind you can make your bouquet stems any length you desire but keep the stems long while you work and clip them short afterwards.

Once you’ve trimmed your flowers, arrange them to your liking. Work from the inside out to create a round dome shape using taller stems in the middle. There are many different bouquet styles so research which you prefer ahead of time or you’ll be working off the cuff.

2. Secure the stems. Using floral tape, wrap the stems tightly stopping about two inches before the end of your desired length. If you’re using loose flowers you might consider using green floral wire to secure sections towards the top of the stems, this will help create more support for the neck of the flowers.

3. Wrapping your wedding bouquet. At this point you have the option to cut your stems to your desired length. If you’re wrapping the bottom of the bouquet then you’ll have to cut off your ends. If you’re unsure your desired length you can start wrapping before cutting.




Here are some ideas, a website and a video explaining how to wrap the stems of your flowers.

Good luck and have fun!  Pick a nice flower, and let it do all the work!

A Walk in the Woods… Creating your own “Woodsy Wedding”


Thousands of dollars are spent in reception halls trying to achieve a natural look… when the whole atmosphere could have been easy captured at a canyon park. Utah has incredible scenery, and weather that almost guarantees you an outdoor climate fit for a wedding. Why spend a fortune creating what is already created? A natural, outdoor, woodsy-wedding gives a charm and appeal you just can’t recreate.


I have to admit, a woodsy theme is close to my heart, and as I looked, I could hardly sort through all the clever ideas!  There are treasure troves of ideas for the taking, some so unique and fun I wanted to start making wedding decorations for no reason-and that is kind of crazy.  Below are TONS on pictures, but be patient… it is well worth it!

First item of business… the cakes!


Sorry for the fuzzy last picture, but can you believe how AMAZING those cakes are?

Just wait until you see the decorations and woodsy table toppers I found…..


Love the patchwork picnic blanket idea (see last post)-and the idea of little handblown glass candles hanging all over trees makes me almost want to cry.  Wow.

Last picturebook… Woodsy dress and photo ideas


Well you did it, you made it through all the pictures!  And wasn’t it worth it?

A woodsy wedding would not only be amazing to go to, but a blast to plan.  You can’t go wrong with nature, and it will never go out of style!

“You may buy any dress in the store!”

A “few” years back when I was getting married, I had a dream of a certain style wedding dress. To this day I really think I would have looked incredible in it! Unfortunately my dream dress and my real budget were two very different things. The dress I ended up with was simple and elegant, and I did like it a lot… but it was exhausting trying to find a beautiful, modest, inexpensive dress!

I could walk into any really classy wedding dress shop and find a dress I liked, but could not afford. And the ones I could afford made me want to cry. How I wished that somehow I would win some prize and someone would announce “Go ahead, you may buy any dress in the store.”

The other day a reader sent in a comment about a little home-based shop in American Fork with a good selection of wedding gowns all priced under $450. You can imagine I looked it up! The dresses looked adorable, with ranges from classic to trendy, formal to fun. It was a breathe of fresh air to know there is a place where you really can get any dress you want!
logo1-300x280I wrote to the owner and this is her response…

“We are a family run business based out of American Fork, Utah. With two daughters already married we have been blown away at wedding gown prices! We started this boutique with the intent to offer beautiful wedding gowns for a fraction of the price. We don’t think its fair how much weddings cost these days. You can go to a big name bridal shop and spend thousands on your wedding gown, or you can come here, and save thousands for an equally gorgeous gown.

Many people ask us, “How do you do it? What’s the catch?” There isn’t a catch. The price you see is the price you pay (plus sales tax) for a quality wedding gown that you will look gorgeous in. We have a manufacturer we get our gowns from just like any other shop, the difference is, we operate out of our home, don’t hire outside employees and don’t keep a large inventory in stock at one time, thus allowing us to keep our prices low.

Call us, schedule an appointment and come see our beautiful gowns for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.”

Phone: 801.610.6237


Now who knows of any other little shops that make all our wedding dress dreams come true?

Paper Flower CRAZE!!!!

You want beautiful flowers everywhere at your wedding, but don’t have the thousands of dollars to do it? Luckily for you, paper flowers are the hottest item right now! They are not only absolutely affordable and easy to make-but will make that statement at your wedding you are looking for. Depending on the papers and style of your flowers, you can have anywhere from a sophisticated simple look, to a colorful wild look. Your imagination, not your budget will be your only constraint.


So, where to start, and what types of flowers should you make to get the theme you want. As I see it there are two ways to go when making paper flowers…

• crepe paper flowers
• stiff, decorative craft paper flowers

Tissue/crepe paper flowers will give a more natural, soft look and would work great in more formal settings. Craft paper can give you a look as versatile as the paper you choose. It generally is more of a hip, fun look, although could be transformed into almost anything. Let your creativity guide you! This is one way to make this wedding uniquely “you” in a way nothing else could. Lets look at the two types of paper flower fun.

Crepe Paper Flowers
To get a good idea of the time and supplies to make these flowers, has countless ideas and tutorials. You can go to her website and just type in “paper flowers, or here are links to instructions and pictures from her website…

I heard a paper artist once say she collected vintage crepe paper for her flowers. It will be exciting to shop and gather the papers you will use.  I bought a book on called “Tissue Paper Flowers” by Klutz that was great.  They are pretty pricey, but buy a used one for $6-you won’t need the sample paper, just be sure it includes all the patterns!

Decorative Paper flowers
Before you read one word further, click this link to see the amazing possibilities of paper flowers.

All I can say is WOW!!! I made some of these flowers for a room decoration along a ceiling shelf, and it was F-U-N!!!!!! Scissors, a glue gun, and paper are the only supplies you will need! It took me a while to figure out how to bend the paper without ripping it… but after a few attempts, my flowers kept getting better and better until overcome with the coolness of these flowers, I couldn’t stop myself! I got nothing else done that day.

Here is another good website on how to make these flowers, some cool examples, and my humble attempt at the bottom.,0,7#0


SO, get some crafty friends together, block out a couple of days, rent some chick flicks and have FUN!!!! The possibilities are endless, and you CAN have the look you want of flowers everywhere at your wedding.

Below are some other ways to decorate with the paper flowers.

Who knows where to get good paper?