Comfortable Wedding Shoes

I am older and wiser now.  If I knew what I know now, I would have done things a bit differently. Fact is, I didn’t, I took bad advice, and I regret it.

Here is what I know now…

Comfortable shoes are for Grandmas-the same one giving you the well meaning advice… you will be tempted, but one thing I have learned with my age, an awesome shoe on your wedding is worth the pain!

You want to look like a million bucks on a few hundred dollar budget? Accesorize. Thats the answer.

Bring some tylonal along for the day, maybe even a cute pair of back-up slippers and enjoy your shoes.

People WILL see them, and you will rock them. When they get too uncomfortable, take them off, strategically place them by you, so everyone can still see them.

When you try them on, make sure you can walk in them-grace is essential. If the fit is good…

Use colors, use flair, and yes…

You will have sore feet no matter what you wear!  Might as well look great.