Setting the Mood: Lighting Inspiration

Ambiance. I love that word. All the decor, entertainment, music…it is really just an effort to create a special ambiance for your wedding day. You want the very air filled with romance, happiness, charm, beauty, celebration, and of course, love. Am I right? Well a somewhat easy way to achieve ambiance is lighting. Lighting can make everyone forget that you are actually throwing  a party in a barn or a church gym or Uncle Joe’s backyard (or wherever your reception happens to be) and can transform a space into something magical and romantic.  I’ve collected some lighting ideas ranging from easy to a little more difficult. Enjoy…

String Lights


The easiest of all: string lights. This look was achieved with some clear, round bulbs from Target. They also used clear fishing wire to provide reinforcement.


Here is a creative spin on a basic string of lights. I like how it is still decorative even when the lights are not in use. This would be a fun DIY project as would this origami lantern:
Available at this cute Esty shop

I would have picked “the candle” to be the easiest lighting method of all but many venues will restrict the use of candles due to fire hazards. Still, candles work wonders in creating a romantic ambiance. You almost can’t get through a wedding day without using them somehow.

Here is a different approach using tea lights. You can find instructions here.



Lanterns are one of my favorite ways of creating ambiance.


I came across this online vendor where you can seriously find every type of lantern in every color imaginable. Very inexpensive too!


Glowing Balloons

These glowing balloons are fun. All you need are “balloon LED lights” and some strong helium balloons. Look online or at a party store  (I did a quick search and found them here and here).
Stage Lighting
Warm pearlescent lighting creates a more dramatic look. Something like this is what you would be looking for but I would consult a professional to know how to use it properly.

This image was actually my inspiration for the post. Don’t the clear bulbs reflect the light so perfectly? This is definitely a more involved project. Find instructions here.
I could keep going (trust me – this is so much fun) but hopefully you’ve been inspired with some lighting ideas to set the mood for your big day. Still, I want more! Have you seen any creative lighting methods recently? Any recommendations or good deals you’ve found on lighting fixtures? Please share!