Unique Wedding Treat


I just saw the greatest idea on the Studio 5 website.  A bouquet of taffy kabobs.  The example shown above is for a baby shower, but I think this could translate into a great wedding idea. Just find a bunch of taffy in your wedding colors and be big, beautiful vase and you’re set.  Here are the instructions as found on their website-

Ingredients you’ll need:
-Taffy in colors to fit your theme (you can buy this in bulk from most grocery stores)
-Charms (if desired, but they’d be cute without them too)
-Floral foam for bottom of container
-Container (they used a Paper Mache bag decorated with patterned papers and diecuts- I think a big vase would be pretty at a reception)


1. Slide 6 pieces of taffy onto each skewer, alternating colors as desired. If skewer seems unstable or flimsy, slide a second skewer up through bottom of taffy.
2. Tie a ribbon with a charm to fit your theme at the bottom of each taffy kabob.
3. Decorate your container as desired. Place floral foam in bottom of container. Stick kabobs into container.
4. Leave container by the door so guests can grab a treat as they exit.